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From Barcelona airport to Calella de palafrugell

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The trip by train from Barcelona’s train station Sants to town Calella takes about an hour.

The Sants train station has a very good connection to the Barcelona airport, so the traveler could easily arrive to his point of destination, because almost immediately after leaving his plane, he can take a place at the air-conditioned train, which will take him almost to the doors of his hotel - as tourists say.

If the purpose of your travel to Spain was just to spend the long weekend in Barcelona, but it came to your mind that it would be nice to spend a romantic evening strolling along the promenade and enjoying views of the Mediterranean Sea? This idea can be realized with ease - you need to stay in hotel in Calella, and from there you can go to Barcelona immediately after your breakfast.

TAXI fare rates from Barcelona airport to Calella de Mar (2013)

Travel distance: 69.43 km.
Travel duration: 48 min.

1. jump in the taxi - 2.05 €
2. 69.43 km. x 1.24 € per km - 86.09 €
3. waiting in traffic (~8 min.) - 3.23 €
4. airport surplus - 4.20 €
Total - 95.57 €
on a weekend it would be - 108.65 €

Information and prices taken from 2011.